Detailed Product Information

1. Give an impression of cleanliness to worker. Good workability with less dripping. Be easy to check the coating condition with yellow of the product color.
2. The strength of coating film is good and therefore prevents or lessen model transformation as forming.
3. Mold coating thickness is even by dipping method, and be high proof against burned stick.
4. It is possible to select from wide Baume scales according to casting condition.
HARD MIX VF series
Physical properties The physical properties value; the recommended Baume scale (80Be) to use.
Coating material Drying air permeability Bending strength (MPa)
VFM 1.0 above 2.0
VF20 2.0 above 1.5
VF–1 5.0 above 3.0
VFKT–2 3.0 above 5.0
State Paste state
Coating method Dipping and showering (We recommend our showering machine, if you take showering method)
Object liquid metal Cast iron (FC・FCD), Cast steel alloy, Copper base alloy and Aluminum containing alloy.
Object model PS, PMMA and copolymerization goods of PS and PMMA
Mode of packing Oil-can and per-can contains 25kg.Drum contains 250kg and this is production on orders.
Use Dilute with water and stir it enough so as to do not catch the bubble. Then use it with way of dipping and showering.
Storage method Please keep products in the cool and dark place, and use it up as soon as possible after it opened. If draining to use the product from container, stir the undiluted solution enough before pulling it out.
Drying method Sun drying or hot ventilator drying
Notes In hot ventilator drying case, decide the dehydration temperature in consideration of the melting point of adhesive to prevent coming off on the bonded part by re-melt of the adhesive at drying. Then notice transformation of the model at drying or coating. And, devise ventilation in the model with a part it is not easy to dry.
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